A highly intensive, non-contact boxing based exercise class that mixes CrossFit multi-modal workouts & HIIT circuits into a workout that certainly packs a punch!

CrossBoxing has an esteemed history that dates back to the launch of CrossFit Reading by Andy Craig circa 2007. When no-one knew what CrossFit was Andy ran a Boxing pad work & circuit class twice a week to supplement the CrossFit classes when it was run out of the back of his van at a local school hall.

Today CrossBoxing has developed into a more sophisticated animal: using real boxing drills and coaching used in the ABAE (Amateur Boxing Association England), conditioning and skills from MMA & CrossFit Striking.

The classes have evolved into a session where more experienced boxers train alongside novices; and where you can practice honing your skills – or just have a really good blow out with your friends.

So weather you’re in training for your next Charity boxing bout; or you’re just having a frustrating week and are in need of an outlet – come and let your fists do the talking!